A new fund for early stage Blockchain & Metaverse Gaming.

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Our Value add to Entrepreneurs

Gaming+Crypto networks in one place

We help build a pitch deck, positioning and make intros to the best VCs

We’ve worked hands on with dozens of gaming and crypto companies in their startup days

Large portfolio of gaming (fund 1+2) and crypto (LuneX) companies


The Play Future Fund Investment Thesis

We look for founding teams with deep experience in both crypto and gaming and are truly passionate about their product. We look to partner long term.

We believe the future of
Metaverse trust lives on blockchains. Whether it’s payments, assets, identity or human coordination the companies we invest in will have crypto native solutions.

Final product games are the result of a vibrant enabling ecosystem and we look to support these infrastructure players as much as the actual games.

An anonymous programmer created a Trillion dollar asset (bitcoin). We want our entrepreneurs to think equally big and we support them in their journey.

Kenrick Drijkoningen

From July 2021, Kenrick will be the partner of our Play Future Fund. As an early adopter of all things crypto he founded LuneX Ventures in 2018 investing in equity and tokens of blockchain & crypto companies building the decentralized web. Before that he was running growth strategies with numerous startups in Singapore including Zalora/Lazada, Nonstop Games, Travelmob and Golden Gate Ventures.

Kenrick is a strong believer in the disruptive power of public blockchains to create a more level playing field for developers, creators and individuals alike. He's also an active angel investor in a number of gaming companies.

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Anton Backman

Based in Helsinki, Anton supports the partners in deal sourcing, due diligence, and portfolio support.

Before Play Ventures, he was the co-founder and CEO of Wave Ventures, the Nordics’ first student-run venture capital fund. He also co-managed investor operations at Slush and worked for a major Nordic law firm.

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Vincent Lim

Vincent has been passionate about cryptocurrencies investments since 2017.

Based in Singapore, Vincent handles investment assessment, due diligence and portfolio support. His previous experience includes working as a tech lead at a start up & senior developer at Tz Apac.

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Prior to joining the Play Future Fund Team, Playtern was an anonymous account larping his way in the Twitterverse.

Now, Playtern is the resident research intern in charge of taking down notes and writing deep dive articles on Gaming, NFTs and the wider Metaverse.

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